February 8, 2017 | 6:00 pm

Innovation Lab


This event, presented in conjunction with the NYC Media Lab, will be a debate on the proposition: We Can Solve the Fake News Problem.

The past election cycle provoked a debate on how spurious news and information affects public discourse.  In the future, algorithmically composed text, bots, and even photorealistic video simulations will make fake news more difficult to discern.  This debate will address whether fake news can be defeated, and what the struggle will mean for democracy.  John Borthwick (CEO/Betaworks), David Carroll (Professor/New School), Jane Elizabeth (Senior Manager/American Press Institute), Sally Kohn (Commentator and Columnist/CNN and the Daily Beast), Dean Pomerleau (Co-Director/Fake News Challenge) and Melissa Ryan (Author/Ctrl Alt Right Delete) will debate, and Justin Hendrix (Executive Director/NYC Media Lab) will moderate.

Conversations is a series of events focused on open discussions on the changing new media landscape. Our events will feature panels with insights from the most respected news organizations, the newest disruptive publishers, and tech and media thought leaders. Through conversations, let’s work to transform media together.


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