Selected Prior Engagements

Proposition: We Can Solve the Fake News Problem

February 8, 2017 | 6:00 pm

Innovation Lab


This event, presented in conjunction with the NYC Media Lab, will be a debate on the proposition: We Can Solve the Fake News Problem.

The past election cycle provoked a debate on how spurious news and information affects public discourse.  In the future, algorithmically composed text, bots, and even photorealistic video simulations will make fake news more difficult to discern.  This debate will address whether fake news can be defeated, and what the struggle will mean for democracy.  John Borthwick (CEO/Betaworks), David Carroll (Professor/New School), Jane Elizabeth (Senior Manager/American Press Institute), Sally Kohn (Commentator and Columnist/CNN and the Daily Beast), Dean Pomerleau (Co-Director/Fake News Challenge) and Melissa Ryan (Author/Ctrl Alt Right Delete) will debate, and Justin Hendrix (Executive Director/NYC Media Lab) will moderate.

Conversations is a series of events focused on open discussions on the changing new media landscape. Our events will feature panels with insights from the most respected news organizations, the newest disruptive publishers, and tech and media thought leaders. Through conversations, let’s work to transform media together.


Maximizing Opportunities in Video

November 16, 2016 | 6:00 pm


Innovation Lab

An expert panel featuring leaders from innovators in the video space including representatives from INSIDER, Now This, and Vox will introduce their companies and discuss their individual approaches to video, platform strategy and monetization. A panel conversation moderated by Matt Silverman (Director of Social Media, The Daily Dot) will follow. 


  • Nicholas Carlson (Editor-inChief, INSIDER)
  • Joe Posner (Director of Multimedia, Vox)
  • Versha Sharma (Managing Editor, Now This)
  • Matt Silverman (Director of Social Media, The Daily Dot), Moderator

The Evolving Newsroom: Journalists as Strategists

September 21, 2016 | 6:00 pm


Innovation Lab

As media companies increase their focus on business models, economic realities are affecting the way journalists work. Instead of a strict separation between the “business” side and the “editorial” side, journalists are being asked to consider how they create value for the company that can be monetized, while still meeting their responsibilities to public service and truthtelling. How do editorial leaders educate and motivate a staff of journalists that has traditionally been insulated from economic concerns? And, as newsrooms undergo this shift in culture, what are the editorial consequences?


  • Jay Rosen (Professor of Journalism, NYU), Moderator
  • Priya Ganapati (Director of Platform Products, Quartz)
  • Jim Rich (Editor-in-Chief, New York Daily News)
  • Kate Ward (Editor-in-Chief,

Building a Successful Legal Department

May 25, 2016

Please join us on Wednesday, May 25th for a breakfast panel on How to Build a Successful Legal Department. Panelists Cyna Alderman (Senior Vice President & General Counsel of New York Daily News), Sari Granat (Managing Director & General Counsel of Markit) and David Pashman (General Counsel of Meetup) will discuss:

  • Success metrics for legal departments
  • Optimizing organizational structure within your department
  • Making a strategic impact at your company, beyond legal matters
  • Working with outside counsel and alternative legal providers
  • Harnessing the power of legal technologies, including bill tracking, communication and legal research tools
  • Handling both routine and specialized legal work more efficiently
  • Tips for hiring deputy GCs and other staff for your department
  • Working efficiently as a solo GC
  • Budgeting for your department

Conversations: Platforms as Publishers: Where are We Now?

May 11, 2016


As we approach the one-year anniversary of the launch of Facebook’s Instant Articles, and more publishers look to off-platform distribution to find their audiences through Facebook, Google AMP, Apple News, Snapchat and beyond, what impact have we seen? How are publishers adapting to the new reality? An expert panel, moderated by Emily Bell (Director, Tow Knight Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University) shares its experience and insight into how this new relationship is changing newsrooms and business models.


  • Samantha Barry (Head of Social Media and Sr. Director of Strategy, CNN)
  • Emily Bell (Director, Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University), Moderator
  • Allison Lucas (General Counsel, BuzzFeed)
  • Choire Sicha (Director of Partner Platforms, Vox Media)
  • Carla Zanoni (Executive Emerging Media Editor, Audience Development, Wall Street Journal)

Data Journalism Summit

April 11, 2016 | 3:00 – 4:00 PM

The Data Journalism Summit at the Associated Press in New York will showcase the top data journalism department thinkers and executives, illuminating the best strategies and tactics for organizing effective data journalism departments and excellence in data journalism.

The theme of the closing panel discussion will be: Data startups driving data journalism innovation: Transforming Data Departments with startup ideas and the startup mentality.

Moderator: Paul Cheung, Associated Press

• Cheryl Phillips, Stanford University: California Civic Data Coalition, a political campaign contribution watchdog among The Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and others, and “Law, Order & Algorithms” a data project on racial profiling across America.
• Molly Bingham, CEO, OrbMedia, a Knight-funded, data-driven news destination site, Invited
• Cyna Alderman, New York Daily News Innovation Lab, and partners with multiple media startups
• Miguel Paz, CUNY data journalism professor and data journalism startup expert

Conversations with Digital Natives: Teens Talk

January 13, 2016


The Daily News Innovation Lab presents four teenage speakers who will talk about their relationship with tech and media from the POV of consumers and makers. This is a great opportunity to better understand how the issues the tech and startup communities discuss impact this generation — and how they feel about them. From how they consume media, to how they learn, to digital activism, you’ll hear first-hand accounts from Gen Z about the changes and creative possibilities new technologies have brought to their lives.

Conversations: How Data is Changing Media Companies

November 18, 2015


As data is becoming increasingly available, how are media companies digesting and presenting data to best communicate and illustrate their stories and products? How do journalists know when data is reliable? How is data impacting the way news is presented and reported? How is data driving business decisions within an organization? For our November event, “How Data is Changing Media Companies,” our panelists will discuss and debate their thoughts on what lies ahead for them and for the industry as a whole.

Davis Wright Tremaine Download: Opportunities to Monetize and Risks as Companies Grow Digital Businesses

October 22, 2015

This interactive roundtable provided perspectives from diverse industries about how companies can monetize digital technologies to grow revenue, while also managing the risks of operating in new frontiers.

Panelists: Cyna Alderman, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Daily News, L.P.; Edward T. Ferguson, Vice President and Associate General Counsel, IAC/InterActiveCorp; General Counsel, IAC Search; Greg McCurdy, Senior Counsel, Policy, Uber Technologies, Inc.; Robin Smith, Vice President and General Counsel, Americas, LEGO Systems, Inc.

NY Media Festival: News and Innovation

October 9, 2015

Digital Media Wire and Empiricly bring together leaders and influencers in music, games, video and innovation for 4 days of b2b conferences, open houses, innovation unconferences and startup event.

Lightning Talk: How the New York Daily News Uses Startups to Drive Change.

Breakout Discussion: Innovation in News Media

Asian American Bar Association: Legal Perspectives on the Continuing Evolution of Media

September 19, 2015

The way that we create, consume and distribute media is now in a state of constant change. There has never been a period of time in our history where business models have been so rapidly disrupted by the introduction of new technology and ideas. And there has never been a time where lawyers are so necessary to navigate how businesses adapt and innovate.

Speakers: Cyna Alderman, Esq., Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Daily News, Divya Jayachandran, Esq., Counsel at NBCUniversal, Ravi Sitwala, Esq., Senior Counsel, Hearst Corporation, Office of General Counsel.  Moderator: Steve Chung, Esq., AABANY Director, Senior VP of News, NBCUniversal.

Conversations: Inside Twitter's News Strategy

September 9, 2015


Join Twitter’s News team for a discussion on how Twitter is working with publishers, how the company is investing in new forms of discovery, and how Twitter will impact the 2016 elections. Our panelists will discuss and debate their thoughts on what lies ahead for them and for the industry as a whole with moderator Jay Rosen.

Investments in Media: Figuring Out the Endgame

June 30, 2015

The Media and Entertainment sector had an unprecedented amount of investment poured into it over the past year. At this panel, we ask people that work in media, invest in media and cover media investments what they think about the endgame.

We’ll talk about what’s driving this unexpected confidence in media companies and what this implies about the investors’ expectations. This panel will also discuss the differences between companies that have invested, been invested in, and those that have stayed out of the game.

Conversations: Next-Gen Revenue for Content Creators

May 19, 2015


For our May event, “Next-Gen Revenue for Content Creators”, we will be focusing on how content creators are finding creative new ways to monetize their websites and digital properties. Our panelists will discuss and debate their thoughts on what lies ahead for them and for the industry as a whole on a panel moderated by Daily News Executive Vice President Digital, Grant Whitmore.

Conversations: Social Media in the Age of Algorithms

March 25, 2015


For our March event, “Social Media in the Age of Algorithms,” we will be focusing on how publishers are handling the effect of algorithms on referral traffic, specifically social media. Our panelists will discuss and debate their thoughts on what lies ahead for them and for the industry as a whole on a panel moderated by Daily News Director of Social Media Brad Gerick.


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