One of the unique assets that media companies bring to programs like the Daily News Innovation Lab is the ability to provide real-time feedback from end users who are the intended audience for the product.

When Datavisual started at the Lab, they already had a tool that could create visualizations from data- in the form of static bar charts, graphs and scatter charts.

What this meant for the Daily News was that we were able to schedule an immediate follow-on to the Datavisual welcome event.  This was a training session for a “test team”- journalists who could be early users of the product and start experimenting and providing feedback to Datavisual right away.  In this way, we were able to carry some of the momentum achieved during the welcome event forward to actual training and use of the tool.

The importance of a beta wasn’t something I thought much about at the beginning of the project, but after seeing how well this worked with Datavisual, the existence of a beta will certainly be a factor as we look at other projects and companies going forward.

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